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Alicante Consulting
Alicante Consulting

Specialist & Reputed Lawyers

Since 1992 we have been at the top of the Spanish Legal sector. Our team follows the highest standards of legal excellence and service. We are widely respected by all the various agents of our sector and for being responsible, efficient, and easy to work with. We use our experience and insight to help our clients; anticipating and solving their problems, and preparing for and managing adverse situations and conflicts.

Our lawyers are members of the Alicante Law Society (Ilustre Colegio Provincial de Abogados de Alicante).

Alicante Consulting

We Are Independent

Legal practice is unsustainable if lawyers are not independent, ensuring that our focus is set soley on the individual requirements of the client. Alicante Consulting offers you an essential service; impartial professional advice in your own language accompanied by the expertise of experienced Spanish lawyers.

Alicante Consulting

International Focus

The main working languages of our firm are: English, French, German, Russian and Spanish. Due to the fact that we are dealing with many nationalities, we pay special attention to ensure our clients will be treated as they would be in their country of origin, resulting in their experience with Spanish Law being a smooth and positive one.

Alicante Consulting

We Communicate & Care

In Alicante Consulting we believe each client is uniquely important. Our fundamental aim is to establish a direct and close relationship with our clients, so that we can provide tailored legal advise to suit your particular needs and requirements. We firmly believe this approach helps ensure a better understanding of our client needs and helps us to deliver a service of the highest quality.

We understand that clients are often investing a great deal in a foreign country, the jurisdiction of which they may not be accustomed to. Alicante Consulting Lawyers will give you frequent updates to alleviate any possible concerns regarding your case, and will take care of all your administrative formalities with any official bodies, saving you time and unnecessary travel.