Will & Inheritance

Do you have assets in Spain? Have you thought about what happens to those assets when you pass away?
  • Who inherits your assets in Spain?
  • What laws will be applied to your inheritance?
  • What can you do now to reduce the red tape, costs and inheritance taxes for your heirs?
  • Are you about to receive an inheritance including assets in Spain?

We advise and assist you in the processing of wills and inheritance taxes.

Once you have a property in Spain it is advisable to obtain a will in Spain just for your Spanish assets. This testament will greatly facilitate and reduce the costs of the future transfer of assets to the heirs.

It is an easy, inexpensive and secure way of avoiding problems and tedious, costly paperwork for your heirs.

Inheritance taxes can easily be reduced if a correct will is made. In matters of inheritance, our professional team:

  • check the existence or not of a will
  • indicate the steps to follow in case one does not exist
  • will help you obtain all the necessary documentation to be able to grant the deed of inheritance adjudication
  • will manage the payment of taxes
  • perform, if desired, all the necessary procedures until the registration of the various assets in the property registry

Complete the right steps at the right time!

We understand that dealing with inheritance in Spain at a time of loss may be difficult. However, there are steps that you can take to protect your Spanish inheritance and comply with the obligations under Spanish Inheritance Law.

Our law firm will assist you to complete this as quickly and simply as possible.

Time matters! In Spain, if the inheritance is not completed within a timeframe of 6 months, taxes will increase.

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